Back in another space-time continuum when you could smoke on planes, hitchhike into Hillbrow, and ‘knock three times on the ceiling if you want me’, I sent Linda Shaw (right) to an astrologer for her birthday. Since Linda’s witty ability to lance the boil of any suppurating issue had long made her an acolyte magnet, it came as no surprise (to me) when her chart revealed a hitherto unexplored destiny as South Africa’s foremost astrology queen.

Nine ways to keep your readers engaged

The Qatar capital is a brave new world of souks and soaring skylines It’s night as we fly into Doha. City lights glitter like stars beneath us as flashing meteorite motorways zigzag towards glass-and-steel skyscrapers lining the Corniche, a 7km walkway following the crescent-moon curve of the bay. So futuristic I imagine robobabes in titanium …

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Like a conjurer unveiling ‘wow moments’ with every sweep of his cape, Henrik Thierlein is to Denmark’s capital city what twinkling lights are to Tivoli in winter. Nobody’s finger is more on the pulse when it comes to the quirky delights of this compact city

City of symphonies Steeped in imperial nostalgia, art, music and cool cafes, Vienna’s skyline of slender spires, sculptures and Aztec-style roofs looks much the same as in Haydn’s day. Famous for symphonies, opera, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt and Klimt, take off in any direction and you’ll collide with history. Don’t miss a visit to the …

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Lurching over the shifting sands of Pharoahs’ lands Egypt’s heat hovers like a lovelorn drunk breathing pungent fumes over everyone in its proximity.  Respite in our air-conditioned hotel room at Ains Soukhna on the Red Sea – odd name when the water’s blue – is temporary. Open your door and the sun greets you like …

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Writing is a magical, alchemical process with “grimoire” and “grammar” sharing the same root. The aim is always to enchant the reader.

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