The synthetic rubber sole – a most destructive invention

Back in the day, as a nurse, I saw what high-heel shoes did to the feet of middle-aged to older women. Think hammertoes, bunions, carbuncles, weak arches, and Morton’s neuroma.

Confident women do not need the prop of 6-inch stilettos that destroy their feet and lead to years of pain and discomfort.

The late Dr. William Rossi, a leading podiatrist, footwear historian, and author, wrote. in Podiatry Management that natural gait was biomechanically impossible for any shoe-wearing person.

‟All shoes automatically convert the normal to the abnormal, the natural to the unnatural. No therapy or mechanical device can fully reverse the gait from wrong to right, no matter how precisely designed or expertly applied.”

Flying between continents as a travel writer, the first thing I’d do on arrival was find a patch of grass where I could place my bare feet. It did wonders for my jet lag.

Grounding is brilliant for preventing or getting rid of inflammation, said to be the root cause of heart disease and cancer. Walking barefoot allows electrons and positive ions to enter the body from the Earth and coat the red blood cells. Putting your hands and feet in good soil can build your immunity.

I’ve been many things, but I’m grounded now.

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