‟All shoes automatically convert the normal to the abnormal, the natural to the unnatural. No therapy or mechanical device can fully reverse the gait from wrong to right, no matter how precisely designed or expertly applied.”

- Dr. William Rossi, a leading podiatrist, footwear historian, and author

Grounding reduces blood viscosity.
Lockdown Blues

Seen from the Danube, the city’s Gothic spires, cupolas, and castles crossed by balletic bridges seem like a mirage

Five tips to help you win at twitter

The alchemical process of writing

How to dash off a press release

See what your successful competitors are doing right on twitter. Let others spark you!

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Writing is an alchemical process with “grimoire” and “grammar” sharing the same root.

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Review your notes for the most  important facts and build a skeleton to flesh out with words.

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