7 ways the sun restores your energy

  1. The Sun sings. All the time. A complex pattern of acoustic waves coursing through its interior causes it to vibrate. Birds sing to the beat of these rhythmic sounds that Nasa has recorded. Bees dance and hum in the key of C, not B. Who knew?
  2. Sunlight’s ultrasound frequency kills bacteria in seconds.
  3. Promotes hormonal production.
  4. Sunlight UVA creates Vitamin D3, a neurosteroid essential for immune function, cell growth control, and curbing many cancers. Unpasteurized milk, butter, and eggs contain D3, but raw dairy products are illegal in many European countries and American states. Catch 22. High-fructose corn syrup in processed food blocks Vitamin D absorption.
  5. The Sun emits ‘light codes’ that energize and awaken you to your divine golden frequency. A few rays outside help you bounce back from burnout from the havoc artificial lighting and LED devices inflict on your circadian rhythms.
  6. Convert sunlight into joy by speaking your intentions to the sunrise. Do this barefoot on the beach, grass, or ground for faster results
  7. Name and release whatever you don’t want into the sunset. Dawn and dusk are the only times you can safely look at the Sun.
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Reign 16 secrets from six queens