Queen up and seize the reins of your life with Reign – 16 secrets from 6 Queens to rule your world with clarity, connection & sovereignty

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of everyday life. We often seek validation from our family and friends, which can lead to emotional issues if we don’t feel satisfied with the response we receive. However, there is a way to dissolve these worn-out identities and validation-seeking from others, and that is by connecting with nature.

When Caroline Hurry’s travel writing career stalled mid-air due to lockdowns and lashings of red tape around international borders, she began to feel lonely and isolated.

Her choice to wait for long-term findings before consenting to specific pharmacological procedures cost her a few relationships. Determined to remain sovereign, she reached out to see “if others felt like me” and started a women-only Facebook group, the Coterie for Hygge Queens, which grew into a close-knit network of cyber friendships sharing humor, trials, personal stories, and advice.

Blown away by the wealth of talent and life-changing experience within the Coterie, Caroline wove the golden thread of their stories ‒ Seidr-like ‒ into her new book, Reign – 16 secrets from 6 Queens to rule your world with clarity, connection & sovereignty that aims to entertain, empower, enlighten, encourage, and educate.

Divided into six elemental sections ‒ fire, water, air, earth, metal, and hygge ‒  Caroline shares the stories not just of the Coterie queens but also of several world-renowned experts.

Veda Austin’s astounding ice-work shows water as a magnificent sentient being beyond our comprehension. Eileen McKusick, an internationally-recognized thought leader in therapeutic sound, explains our essence is electrical and uses tuning forks to modulate the biofield’s physiology in vibratory patterns related to our emotional and physical states.

Dr. Suzanne Simard and Dr. Monica Gagliano’s ground-breaking research about the consciousness of all eco-systems feature in the Earth section.

Each of the sections teaches us something. Learn to burn away family trauma and ancestral wounding with fire to heal your entire lineage.

Emotional issues naturally sort themselves out when you dissolve worn-out identities seeking validation from family and significant others using water. Fluency in the first language of energy and speaking to power, which the air section covers, determines the quality of your emotional landscapes and how fast you traverse them. By understanding the universal language of vibration, you can unpack honest conversational cargo in any situation.

When we connect with nature, we are able to fluently speak the language of energy and communicate with power. This connection allows us to unpack honest conversational cargo in any situation. Additionally, grounding ourselves with activities such as forest bathing, barefoot walking, and spine alignment can help us improve our lives on Earth.

All aspects of grounding, from forest bathing to barefoot walking, and methods to align your spine, honor your immunity and improve your life on Earth.

Learn about Nature’s gold frequency and plasma in the metal section, while hygge is pure love-binding energy that holds everything together. We are all unique composites of all six elements.

Suppose you could repurpose trials, obstacles, and setbacks as portals into a more expanded reality. Would you tango with your true Self or continue to dance to the tune of others? Who would you be if you let yourself be You? What would you create if nothing held you back?

It’s never too late. Even if your body feels more like a semi-detached council house than a temple, and your lower back determines how you get out of bed, a priceless, generative gift is still available to you.

Every time you purify with one or more elements, you unveil more magnificent versions of yourself. The fastest way to conquer undesirable situations is to flow on currents of harmony as you express your best reality along a more transformative timeline. You segue from mundane to magic when you pull out the threads of your past and knit yourself back together in pearly rows.

Your choices become more conscious by deprogramming yourself from societal dictates that demean your feminity and wisdom. You can supercharge your intuitive abilities as you navigate this world and restore your most profound connections by shedding the parts of yourself that no longer serve you. Building trust in yourself and maintaining healthy boundaries to protect your energy or biofield lays bare your path to new possibilities.

By understanding the universal language of vibration, we can tap into our true selves and create anything we desire. So the next time you face a trial or obstacle, remember that it is simply a portal into a more expanded reality.

Reign is for you if you feel ready to embark on an ongoing purifying journey and unveil your ever-changing Self. Using advice, insights, and accessible approaches that worked for other women in the Coterie, Caroline will ignite your world.

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