All possibilities exist in Flow

A literary life-raft to convey you across shark-infested seas to the expansive shores of your sovereignty, Flow is like no other book on relationships. Rich language and entertaining humor honed from decades of working as an agony aunt for mainstream magazines deliver hard-won wisdom packaged in bite-sized pieces.

The second in Caroline Hurry’s Hygge Queen series – Flow 21 secrets to refresh your relationships, brings to life the Water Queen’s archetypal journey through the eyes of the Handmaiden and Lady-in-Waiting.

One of six elemental Queens outlined in Reign 16 Secrets from 6 Queens to rule your world with clarity, connection & sovereignty; the irresistible Water Queen is either feted, feared, or adored. There’s no in-between. She waives the rules, except when it comes to the majestic genius that is water, the true ruler of the waves.

The Handmaiden and the Lady-In-Waiting lead you to her through two galleries of cads and catfish, delivering tips on how to counteract their toxic tools. Insights into the modus operandi of Aspie Axel, Gaslighter Gary, and Narcissist Nick, among 19 assorted rogue specimens, will help you read men like a book and turn the page on time-wasters.

Have you lost trust in fairytales, unicorns, and gallant knights? This entertaining reservoir of true-life experiences is short on recriminations and long on no-nonsense practical advice.

Flow 21 Secrets To Refresh Your Relationships is an outstretched hand to anyone who has slipped on the treacherous rocks of romance. If you need help getting up, or are contemplating dipping your toes in the dating pool again, this light-hearted look at relationships that reads like pulp fiction might be just the tonic you need.

Timeless wisdom from the conscious use of water to its role in transformational thinking is captured in laugh-out-loud moments.

If you’re ready to discover the current of abundant love – hygge – in everything you are, this bubbling river of a book is for you. Jump in and:

  • Allow better possibilities to flow to you.
  • Build immunity to silver-tongued dialogue merchants, misogynists, and narcissists.
  • Create healthy, supportive relationships naturally
  • Change your life from the inside out
  • Dissolve undesirable relationship habits, heartache, and redundant versions of yourself.
  • Increase your magnetism

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