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A joyous and enlightening harvest! A Green Revolution in a Grocery Cart! The Regrower’s Handbook: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Sufficiency. Use Your Groceries to Regrow Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, and Mushrooms From Roots, Shoots, Cuttings, Scraps, and Seeds By Kelly Reed  Kelly Reed’s ingenious and practical approach to regrowing vegetables and fruits from store-bought produce is a game-changer …

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Authored by an award-winning journalist, Splash It! helps you Share, Participate, Launch, Announce, Showcase, Host, Introduce, and Troubleshoot – guides the novice with customized exercises. A bonus chapter from her upcoming book, Write – 6 Successful Self-publishing Strategies on a Shoestring”

Cover to Cover – Crafting, Formatting, and Self-Publishing Your Masterpiece You asked ‒ and please keep asking ‒ how to self-publish a book without waiting for anyone’s permission, so I wrote a comprehensive guide. I’ve done the first draft and flung it up for pre-order. Have a squizz if you like. Who designed the cover? …

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Discover the DIY techniques for writing, editing, formatting, and launching your book with minimal outlay. Unleash your creativity using free tools and tap into the hidden powers of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Metal, and Hygge elements to transform your writing journey.

10 Corporate Fails – How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot Proudly implementing policies that offend, cancel women, mess with customer values, and foment hostilities is not the hack some corporate stores might think. My upcoming book covers ‘media whispering,’ press release writing – available here on pre-order – and media troubleshooting.  PS: If you’ve …

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A literary life-raft to convey you across shark-infested seas to the expansive shores of your sovereignty, Flow is like no other book on relationships. Rich language and entertaining humor honed from decades of working as an agony aunt for mainstream magazines deliver hard-won wisdom packaged in bite-sized pieces.

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Gently down the stream If you’re contemplating dipping your toes in the dating pool again – this light-hearted look at relationships might be just the tonic you need. An entertaining reservoir of true-life experiences, Flow 21 secrets – read more here – is short on recriminations and long on no-nonsense practical advice from those in …

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This is a tale of two cities ‒ Scare City and Synchroni City. You can choose to stay in either for as long as you like.

Tip 1. Start a Facebook group It’s a great way to reach out and communicate with your readers. My book details the true-life experiences of the Coterie of Hygge Queens, a women-only cyber tribe propelled by the principles of clarity, connection, and sovereignty. Tip 2. Create an informative press release with relevant information Here’s how …

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