Gently down the stream

Have you lost trust in fairytales, unicorns, and gallant knights? Flow 21 Secrets To Refresh Your Relationships is an outstretched hand to anyone who has slipped on the treacherous rocks of romance.

If you’re contemplating dipping your toes in the dating pool again – this light-hearted look at relationships might be just the tonic you need. An entertaining reservoir of true-life experiences, Flow 21 secrets – read more here – is short on recriminations and long on no-nonsense practical advice from those in the know.

Helen Grange, Monica Zwolsman, and Bronwyn Millar’s characterizations helped shape many of the ‘laugh-out-loud’ ‘catfish captures’ you’ll encounter in two rogues’ galleries. Also included are quotes from the Hygge Queen Coterie.

Ready to discover the current of hygge in everything you are? Then, look inside.

As Queen Yvonne Aileen, author of the Goddesses series wrote: ‘C’mon in, the water’s fine!’

South African Queens who’d prefer to order the paperback directly from me can email me here.

  • Cost: R175 for the Flow paperback plus R100 postage from Postnet to Postnet – so R275, all in.
  • R250 for the Reign paperback plus R100 from Postnet to Postnet.- R350, all in.

South African Special:

  • Package deal: Get both Flow and Reign at a special price of R460, including postage from Postnet to Postnet  

Overseas Special

  • The first queen to reply with why she’d prefer to hear Reign on audio wins a promo audio code. Natalia Williams also narrated both Angie K Love’s books.

Thanks, as always, for all the love, friendship, and hyggelig support.