Trailblaze on a budget!

Turn your half-finished manuscript into a masterpiece without breaking the bank. A seasoned journalist with more than three decades of experience in the industry whispers insider secrets for indie authors on a budget.

If you’ve been held back by the potential costs of self-publishing or watched your book collect dust on the bottom shelf, Write ‒ 6 Successful Self-Publishing Strategies on a Shoestring is your game-changer.

  • Filled with insider secrets and strategies, Write, 6 Successful Self-Publishing Strategies on a Shoestring offers practical solutions to navigate the publishing journey without breaking the bank.
  • The author offers a fresh perspective on a practical transformative journey by integrating Nature’s elements into the writing and publishing process.  
  • A glossary with more than 101 free resources empowers you to explore your entrepreneurial realm, from the eye-catching cover design to DIY editing on a shoestring.
  • Write offers step-by-step guidance on self-publishing’s most important aspects, from efficient navigation of the social media landscape to secret time-saving ChatGPT prompts.

Caroline Hurry motivated me to put the story tumbling inside my head into words. So valuable was her advice on publishing, cover design, and marketing I dedicated my book to her.”


Discover the DIY techniques for writing, editing, formatting, and launching your book with minimal outlay. Unleash your creativity using free tools and tap into the hidden powers of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Metal, and Hygge to transform your writing journey.

Inside Write, you’ll learn how to design an eye-catching cover, establish a solid foundation and reach, turn inspiration into actionable results, captivate readers with compelling copy, generate reviews, and easily navigate social media.

A treasure trove of free tools lets your creativity soar as you unleash your unique Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Metal, and Hygge elements into self-discovery, creativity, and transformational growth.

Self-publishing on a shoestring
Need to get your book out there? Write 6 Successful Self-Publishing Strategies on a Shoestring has all the tips and tricks you need to do your champagne marketing on a beer budget!

“A reference book, Write is a cracking read, like Caroline Hurry, herself, who is such fun to work with; she is the first person I acknowledged in my book.’


Discover how to:

  • Design an eye-catching cover.
  • Establish a solid structure, foundation, and reach.
  • Spark inspiration into actionable results.
  • Ignite imaginations with compelling copy.
  • Generate reviews without having to twist people’s arms.
  • Navigate the social media landscape with time-saving Chatbot prompts.

Isn’t it time you took the reins and galloped toward your writing destiny?

Write ‒ 6 Successful Self-Publishing Strategies on a Shoestring has everything you need to succeed.

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