Tip 1. Start a Facebook group

It’s a great way to reach out and communicate with your readers. My book details the true-life experiences of the Coterie of Hygge Queens, a women-only cyber tribe propelled by the principles of clarity, connection, and sovereignty.

Tip 2. Create an informative press release with relevant information

Here’s how to write one. Then submit your press release to free press release distribution sites.

Tip 3. Write an enticing description, preface, blurb, or introduction.

Here’s my description of Reign, 16 secrets from 6 queens to rule your world with clarity, connection & sovereignty.

Tip 4. Build an email list by inviting readers to subscribe to your blog

Give them something delightful to make it worth their while, such as this fun collection of original quotes from the queens – Wit and Wisdom from the Hygge Queen Coterie – free to download here.

Tip 4. Update your email signature

For every email you send, ensure that you include info on your new or upcoming book with a link. Here’s one I came up with to promote my latest book.

Tip 5. Use Twitter

As social media platforms go, Twitter has a lot to offer the writing community. It takes a little practice to get the hang of it. Here are a few tips.

Tip 6. Promote your ebook for free.

Here’s a list of 26 free book promotion services in 2022 from Reedsy.