Content Creation and Writing tips

Adding value and relevance to your book in an entertaining, informative way.

Authored by an award-winning journalist, Splash It! helps you Share, Participate, Launch, Announce, Showcase, Host, Introduce, and Troubleshoot – guides the novice with customized exercises. A bonus chapter from her upcoming book, Write – 6 Successful Self-publishing Strategies on a Shoestring”

Cover to Cover – Crafting, Formatting, and Self-Publishing Your Masterpiece You asked ‒ and please keep asking ‒ how to self-publish a book without waiting for anyone’s permission, so I wrote a comprehensive guide. I’ve done the first draft and flung it up for pre-order. Have a squizz if you like. Who designed the cover? …

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Tip 1. Start a Facebook group It’s a great way to reach out and communicate with your readers. My book details the true-life experiences of the Coterie of Hygge Queens, a women-only cyber tribe propelled by the principles of clarity, connection, and sovereignty. Tip 2. Create an informative press release with relevant information Here’s how …

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