Twitter offers great opportunities to interact and engage with potential clients, colleagues, and like-minded professionals via cyber conversations and shared views on pertinent topics. You can see what your successful competitors are doing right on social media and let others spark you!

Quality beats quantity every time so it’s not about the number of followers you have, so much as what you choose to feature on your feed.

Since Twitter gives you the chance to showcase your talents, time spent polishing your biog and image will reap dividends. Here are some good biog writing tips from Hootsuite.

The best conversations involve a balance of listening and opinion sharing. Conversational Twitter is similar, so hold the yawn-inducing eulogies: about your awesomeness. If you have a venue, for example, encourage former guests to share #ThrowbackThursday images or experiences, rather. Focus on what others are saying to gain an edge. And remember that friendship is one of the best currencies.

  • Always acknowledge mentions. Respond graciously to compliments and deal with genuine complaints: Not doing so comes across as rude and uncaring.
  • Automatic reposts of Facebook or Instagram links are as obvious (and annoying) as bot responses.
  • Lose the automated ‘thanks for following’ DM  asking for Facebook and Instagram likes.  Never beg for followers. It smacks of desperation, not a good look!
  • Hold the hashtags. On twitter, too many hashtags look spammy.
  • Don’t be a twit! If you’d like a shout out for your business, get in touch!