Starting from scratch

Writing is a magical, alchemical process with “grimoire” and “grammar” sharing the same root. Grammar combines words to create sentences with the right/rite “spelling” while a grimoire is used to cast spells by combining magickal symbols. The aim is always to enchant the reader.

Advertiser and marketers use “word spells” on us choosing those most effective in ‘covert persuasion’ such as Breakthrough, Complete, Destiny, Fascinating, Famous, Genuine, Luxury, Miracle, and so on

Teaching creativity is like trying to carve a roast chicken with an emery board. Rules don’t apply because summoning the muse is always an individual experience.

  • A good way to kick-start the process is to sit at your laptop and tap out random ideas without censure. Write the first thought that comes into your head, and keep going. Forget perfectionism. That comes later in the editing process. Focus, don’t focus
  • We are energetically connected to everything and everyone on Earth. Before interviewing somebody for a profile, imagine being in that person’s skin for five minutes. See what they see. Hear what they hear. Sense a bond between you before you even set out.
  • Practise observation by mentally detaching from a conversation and simply watching the details as they unfold.
  • You can write an article the way you build a jigsaw puzzle. Find a framework. Then examine your pieces of information, pick out the most important, zany, interesting bits and start from there.
  • Fool around with associations, have fun with puns …