Reign: 16 secrets from 6 Queens to rule your world with clarity, connection & sovereignty

Winner of a Tourism Authority of Thailand Award for International Media Reporting, Caroline Hurry is a word herder, dog wrangler, and cat slave who loves exploring lesser-traveled roads.


Bait by Janine
Janine Lazarus
Janine Lazarus

‘The depth of Caroline Hurry’s poetic narrative is raw and authentic.

'She illuminates our deepest insecurities in prose that bruises as much as it uplifts.

'Her courageous journey and those of the women she writes about resonated on so many levels.

'An astounding body of literary work.’

Yvonne Aileen
Yvonne Aileen

This part Shakespearean play, part beautiful lyrical poem introduces you to fierce and powerful women, each of whom embarked on a hero's journey to triumph in her own life ...

There are magical queens in our midst. I dare you to ever look at another woman the same way after reading this book.

Astrologer and author, Linda Shaw

Linda Shaw

 'What an extraordinary book! Caroline has been weaving magical word spells and this is the culmination of decades of wisdom and observation. There is no one who understands the human psyche quite as well.

Caroline makes me laugh out loud at our absurdities. She teaches me things I didn't realize I needed to know.
Don't miss her beautifully-written new masterpiece. 

Lana Jacobson
Lana Jacobson

'Reign inspires you to bask in the type of self-love no romantic attachment can equal.

'This moving elegy to nature could not have come at a better time in our lives.

'Expect the unexpected in this exhilarating train ride of a book.'